Annual Sales Excellence Program


This Annual Sales Excellence Program is a live Online training program through Zoom. Participants will also be in a whatsapp group and engaged throughout the year and doubts will be cleared through whatsapp.

Participants across the world can join either January batch or July batch. They can join the program at any time during the year

Topics are as below:

Session 1 - Pricing for Profit

Session 2 - Asking right relevant questions

Session 3 - SPIN Selling/Follow up

Session 4- Understanding Target Segment/ Creating Ideal Customer profile

Session 5 - Positioning your product or service

Session 6- Objection Handling and 7 ways of Closing

Session 7 - Lead Generation without spending money/Prospecting

Session 8 - 6 Personality of buyers

Session 9- 6 buying roles and 4 buying modes

Session 10- Negotiation in Sales-Part 1

Session 11- Negotiation in Sales- Part 2

Session 12- Building Long term Relationship